Psychology Creative Writing Essay Sample

Psychology Creative Writing Essay Sample

1. What are the factors affecting decision making?

Decision-making is a complex process that is influenced by several factors. They can be categorized into two namely: human factors and environmental factors. To start with, human factors affecting decision-making process can be in form of feelings or perception. The feeling one has towards a given problem affects the type of decision he makes. When one has a feeling that a given type of race is good in performing some kind of task, he will make decisions favoring his feeling. When selecting contractors, one may decide to pick a British contractor since he or she has a feeling that the Britons are competent contractors who complete their work in time. Another factor is the experience of the decision maker, this is common in the field of science for instance, a doctor makes decision concerning the method of treatment a patient should undergo based on the previous experience with a similar case.

2. How can conflict and stress be avoided by use of communication?

Communication is one of the primary tools for management. Clear communication channels between the management and the subordinates enhance performance and reduce job related stress and conflicts. For instance, when the employees are given clear roles to play they will work according to the instructions of the instructor. This is through proper communication and reduces job related stress. Conflicts in the organization mainly results from poor communication. People disagree due to lack of understanding concerning the issues within the work setting. Proper communication channels will reduce the level of conflicts between the employees themselves and between the employees and the management. Proper communication channels create mutual understanding among all the parties within the organization thus reducing cases of conflicts in an organization.

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